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Lasers TeraComm


Nano-second optical fiber laser

Ultra-fast optical fiber laser

Single wavelength optical fiber laser

Wide band optical fiber laser

Laser component

All of our SIHERIA TeraComm™ series of lasers, which are designed and built based on multiple technologies such as integrated fibers, main oscillation power amplification (MOPA), FBG high reflective mirrors & saturable absorbers and nonlinear polarization rotation (NPR), can be easily adjusted and operated through a well designed cross-platform UI interface.

The TeraComm™ series offers a wide range of laser types, such as nanosecond pulsed lasers, narrow linewidth lasers, wide-spectrum gain flattening lasers, ultrafast lasers, etc. They can be used for lidar laser source, fiber optic sensing, telemetry, 3D scanning and modeling, medical scanning and treatment, optical fiber communication, spectral analysis, fiber optic gyroscope and other fields. In addition, band, center wavelength, pulse width and other configurations can be customized to meet user’s needs under different situations.