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Laser Sensing TeraBit


Based on multiple technologies like MEMS, Flash and ToF, laser sensing TeraBit™ series products have high reliability, long life, great extensibility and reusability, decent environmental adaptability and also have full support for GPS/BDS and external triggering. It can be applied in a vast area including security, auto driving and other fields and provides advanced laser sensing support for computer-assisted driving, unmanned vehicle obstacle avoidance and intelligent public transportation systems.

Equipped with anti-glare light sources, products of TeraBit™ series are precise (able to identify objects with 5cm separations at maximum distance), responsive and have multiple modes for various applications. Another product of this series, fiber-optic HD relay modules, is designed for lossless long-distance transmission of high-definition images and audio data streams. It supports various serial ports and can provide a convenient and reliable  solution to different transmission needs.