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Single Photon Detector


Customized & Scope scalable

Ultra low noise silicon avalanche photodiodes and other single photon detectors

Cooling and over-voltage protection design

Wavelength range 250 nm ~ 1700 nm

Efficent & Stable

Stable count rate

DC power supply

High quality

Very low dark count rate and background noise

Various specifications

Various customizable FC fiber optic connectors

Major detect devices

Single photon detector utilizes our ultra-low noise silicon avalanche photodiodes and other single photon components to provide a practical, wide dynamic range and efficient all-in-one solution for 250nm to 1700nm wavelength (customizable according to specific needs) ultra weak single photon level optical signal detection. This detector also includes a dedicated cooling device and a robust anti-overvoltage design for extra protection and thus makes it reliable and robust even under some harsh conditions in many frontier research.

Major detect devices 


Si APDs 

The avalanche effect of Si APDs makes it ideal for detecting weak optical signals with a wavelength from 250 to 1100nm.



InGaAs avalanche photodiodes are used to detect signals in the 1100 ~ 1700 nm spectral range. Its noise is lower than that of the germanium diode and is an alternative choice of Si APDs.

Application Scenarios:


Quantum communication, medical imaging research, laser radar, astronomy, autonomous driving, satellite remote sensing, quantum communication, spectroscopy, medical & biological research HD imaging, laser monitoring, non-contact temperature testing, spectrophotometry, etc.