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Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection Terminal


Multi-channel detecting

Positioning accuracy 1 m

Cross-platform data synchronization

Simultaneously multi-point positioning

Leading intelligent algorithm

Extreme long working distance - up to 10 km detection range

OTDR fiber sensing positioning

Adaptive signal processing to compensate ambient interference

Low response time -0.5s@5km

Our TeraSecurity™ series of intelligent perimeter intrusion detection terminal is accurate  and highly reliable. The integrated behavior detection algorithm and spatial filtering algorithm of the device are capable to detect and precisely locate any predefined intrusion behaviors such as cutting, pressing and lifting in unknown and noisy environment. The device itself equips with real-time screen alarms and a smarter real-time monitoring system, has up to 1 meter positioning accuracy, and can achieve cross-platform data synchronization thanks to the integrated SIHERIA intelligent cloud platform.

Extreme long working distance

Precise positioning

Up to 10 km detection range

Extremely high positioning accuracy, up to 1 m.

Real-time visual alarm

Real-time visual alarm

High sensetivity

Simultaneously multi-point positioning

Mature algorithm

Integrated behavior detection algorithm and spatial filtering algorithm

All-in-one solution

IP67 enclosure protection

Support IPC positioning capture

Support IPC positioning capture


Adopted advanced digital signal processing technology to effectively reduce environmental interference and false alarms

Data synchronization

Cross-platform real-time visualization perimeter intrusion monitoring

Multiple connection options

Wire/Wireless connection supported

Clear record

Support data recall and tracking