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1550nm single-mode continuous fiber laser


Operating mode continuous

Side-mode suppression ratio > 40dB

3dB bandwidth < 0.2 nm

Optical isolation > 35dB

Output Power 

5 mW ~ 100 mW(tunable)

wavelength shift < ±0.01nm

Power stability  < 0.1dB@4hours

polarization state random

Center wavelength 1529 nm ~ 1565 nm (Optional)

Based on a resonant cavity consisted of total reflective mirrors and a high reflectivity Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), the 1550nm single-mode continuous fiber laser has customizable frequency in C-band and tunable output power through a well designed UI. Meanwhile, it also has a temperature detector along with a power feedback module to ensure stable power output at desired wavelength.

Can customize frequency in C-band

can customize frequency in C-band


has stable power output at desired wavelength thanks to the temperature detector and power feedback module

Easy to use

Output power can be easily adjusted through a well-designed UI.